Update - Summer Meal Delivery 2020:

Meals are available for pick up at Quinn Middle School from 7:00 to 9:00 am on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS.  We will also be continuing our bus routes.

On Monday you will receive a Breakfast and Lunch for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  On Thursday you will receive a Breakfast and Lunch for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The schedule of times and locations for food pick up is as follows and will be posted on the website.  These times are estimates.  Please be flexible as we work out the schedule.



Routes Stops




7:10 AM

7:25 AM

Robinson's Hardware

7:28 AM

7:33 AM

Wood Park

7:36 AM

7:37 AM

Giasson St

7:40 AM

7:41 AM

Summer St

7:45 AM

8:05 AM

Grove @ Cherry St

8:10 AM

8:12 AM

Cox and Santos

8:26 AM

8:30 AM

St. Michael's parking lot

8:40 AM

8:42 AM

Pine and Meadowbrook

8:48 AM

8:50 AM

Carter and Butman

8:54 AM

8:59 AM

Marion St and Moulton Park

9:01 AM

9:20 AM

United Methodist Church, 34 Felton Street


Community Outreach

For families in need:
First United Methodist Church will have a drive-thru food pick up on:
Mondays and Thursdays from 12P-2P.  
How can you support?  Contact Stacy Hartford at (978)601-2494 or shartford@yahoo.com.
The Hudson Community Food Pantry
The Food Pantry, located at: 28 Houghton St, is open Saturdays from 9-10:30A.  For more info:  Hudson Food Pantry 
Project Bread:
You can reach them via their phone at:  1-800-645-8333 or TTY 1-800-377-1292 
They are open Mon-Fri 8A to 7P and Sat from 10A to 2P  
For more information:  Project Bread