Updated  March 28, 2022

Please click the "Bus Routes" link at the top left to view our temporary routes which are updated daily. 

Please click the link at the top left to complete the Bus Registration form (for a new bus pass).
   A bus pass is required for the School Year 2021-2022.  New bus passes will be distributed at school.   

This Bus Registration form is required for all students who are eligible for transportation (see guidelines below).  Fill out one form per student.  Bus passes will be issued once this form is processed.   There is no fee charged.  Students will be assigned to the bus stop closest to their home address. Bus assignments are subject to change at any time. 

If your transportation needs change, please complete a new form with the changes and email to hps.busroutes@hudson.k12.ma.us.

To view HPS Bus Routes, please click the link at the top left.  We try to update bus routes any time bus routes are changed.  Routes can change at any time.  Please remember there is a 10 minute window for the posted time(s). 

Based on DESE and health department guidance, we will continue to enforce the following bus rules.  In an effort to provide safe transportation for all students and staff, please be sure to review the bus rules with your student. 


   * Students should show their bus pass to the bus driver.
* If a student does not have a bus pass, they should state their name          to the bus driver.
* Students are no longer required to wear a mask.  It is now                   optional as we commit to a Mask Friendly Environment.
Specific Covid-19 positive circumstances will require students/staff             to wear a mask temporarily.
  * Students are encouraged to keep an extra mask in their backpack.
  * Students should not lean over the seat or into the aisles.
  * Kindergarten students are to sit in the front rows.
  * Students should only ride the bus for which they are assigned.
  * High touch areas will be disinfected between routes and buses will             be fully disinfected daily.
Transportation Eligibility Guidelines

  • All Students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 living more than one mile from their assigned school.
  • Students that live closer to their assigned school than outlined above are considered "walkers" and are not eligible for transportation services.
  • Safety issues are taken into consideration when determining transportation eligibility as well.

Families with students that are eligible for transportation should review the bus routes for their student's school. Copies of bus routes will be available at each of the schools and the Administration building at 155 Apsley Street.

Please contact us if you have any questions in regard to eligibility or bus issues of any kind: hps.busroutes@hudson.k12.ma.us or 978-567-6100 Ext. 42122.

Entre em contato conosco se tiver alguma dúvida em relação à elegibilidade ou a questões de ônibus de qualquer tipo. Português, entre em contato com Tiago Duarte em txduarte@hudson.k12.ma.us ou telefone (978)567-6100 ramal 41153.

Comuníquese con nosotros si tiene alguna pregunta con respecto a la elegibilidad o problemas de autobús de cualquier tipo. Español, comuníquese con Sandra Maiuri en scmaiuri@hudson.k12.ma.us o llame al (508) 615-7454.

First Student Contact Information

Hudson Dispatch: Ann Marie Belanger (978) 674-7556
Location Manager: Joseph Doherty   (978) 443-8631


Additional Information

Excerpt for School Committee Policy - Student Transportation

Each year the Hudson Public School district reviews student enrollment and existing bus routes to ensure efficient and safe transportation for all eligible students.

Safety is a responsibility that is shared between the family and the school. While the law requires the School Department to provide a defined level of transportation, it does not relieve parents/guardians of students from the responsibility of supervision until the student boards the bus in the morning. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure the student safely arrives at, and departs from, the bus stop. The parent/guardian is responsible for escorting the student to and from the bus stop where there are no sidewalks, where sidewalks are only on one side, where the bus stop is on the opposite side of the street, and where there are traffic or other safety concerns.

This policy, being consistent with current state law, may require students to walk up to a mile to a bus stop